About Vitiligo surgeries

Vitiligo surgeries

Surgical treatment of vitiligo is the final resort to regain the pigmentation in lesions failing to repigment despite various medical and light therapies. Multiple cellular and tissue graft techniques are used successfully to treat vitiligo.

Autologous non-cultured melanocyte–keratinocyte transplantation procedure (MKTP) is one of the simplest cellular grafting techniques and is currently the most popular among dermatologists. It offers 50%–100% repigmentation rates with very good color matching in most of the treated cases. This technique involves first the separation of melanocyte from trypsin treated skin graft or hair grafts then separated menlanocytes implanted over dermabraded vitiligo patches

The results depends stability of disease, type of vitiligo , extent of disease, area involved and surgical technique

Other surigical modalities include
Suction blister
Punch grafting