About Miscellaneous


Nail avulsion – Nails of fingers or toes may have to be removed if they are damaged in some diseases , or if they are ingrowing or if there is a mass below the nail This process is called as nail avulsion .

Sebaceous cyst exicion – Sebaceous cyst are soft black blue coloured swelling seen on face , neck and upper trunk . Though harmless patient may seek their removal for a cosmatic reasons or due to secondary infection.

Milia extraction – Milia are small white elevations due to superficial skin damage ( eg sun burn, thermal burn, some skin diseases etc ) They are unsigtly and patients seek their removal. They are removed by derooting then with sterile needle and expressing the white seed like content with light pressure.

Molluscum extraction – Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral infection of the skin. It is more common in children but may be seen in adults too. Removing these spots with a molluscum extractor(curette) is a standard procedure.

Radio Cautery – for wart & acrocordons removal